Your Garage Door is the largest moving part of your home where many elements work together to create a harmonious, working entrance to your garage. Dysfunctional hardware, damage to the door or its system can make the entire structure extremely dangerous and could cause major damage to your property, serious injury to a person and, in worst cases, could result in death.

Even in cases where a fix seems as easy as replacing a part, it is recommended that a professional is brought in to assess the damage and ensure that it did not cause any further, unseen risks.

Unsure of what that damaged part is? Click here (This should lead to the Hardware Systems on the FAQ page)




We try our best to determine the cost of a repair before our teams go out on the job; however, it is near impossible to make an exact determination without inspecting the site first.

Please contact us to discuss the damages to your garage door and we will be happy to assist with an estimate as far as we can.
If we find that further work or parts need replacing while on site, we will first contact you before proceeding with the work.

Kindly note that should you require a call-out for a quotation, a call out fee will be charged regardless of whether the quote is accepted.

What we need to know before booking the service:

1.      Do you have a double, single or multiple single doors?

2.      Is the door a Roll-Up, Tip-Up, Tension, or Torsion System? (Not Sure)<-Link should lead to the Hardware Systems on the FAQ page)

3.      What material is your door made of? Wood, Steel, Alumium, Glass, etc

4.      Do you have a motor? What is the name of the motor?


The following must be in place for a repair to commence.

- A repair can require power-tools and therefore access to electricity.
- If there is no power-point inside the garage, an extension needs to be provided.
- If there is no power on site, please inform us so that we can arrange a generator.
Please note that by law, we are not allowed to move, extend or install any power-points.

Garage Access
- Our teams need to be able to access the garage upon arrival.
- The garage must be cleared of vehicles, valuables and any obstructions that may prevent the team from reaching the garage door.
- All paint, concrete, tiling, skreeding, etc. Must be done and dried before we perform any repairs.
- No pedestrians should be entering or exiting the garage during the repair as this is both dangerous as well as time-consuming.
- Any delays caused by an unprepared site or unavailable clients will be billed to the client.
 If a repair needs to be rescheduled, the next available date will be booked without any special preference and an additional call-out fee will be charged.

- Once the repair has been completed, a full payment must be made.
- We accept cash, cards and EFT’s, discuss your method of payment when your
  booking is made.
   Cash: Please count the cash with one of our team-members so that both parties
   agree to the amount handed over. The team-member must write out a cash
   receipt in return for the payment. Without this cash-receipt, we will have no
   way of tracing any cash that has been handled.
   Card Payments: Please request the card machine if you plan on paying with a card.
   Ensure that you keep your receipt.
   Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): We will only accept that payment has been
   received once the money appears in the Aladdin Bank Account.
   A Proof-of-Payment will not will not be a substitute for the above-mentioned
   If an EFT is being made on-site for the outstanding balance, a direct transfer must
   be made.

- We require that the client be on site to sign off on the completed job.
- If the client cannot personally be on site, the repair must be postponed or the sign-off must be entrusted to a person appointed by the client. 
- We do offer to remove any old garage door parts as an added benefit without charge if instructed so by the client. These products gets disposed of and cannot be claimed at a later point.

- We carry a 12
month product and 3 month service warranty on all of our repairs.
- If we are called out under the warranty and find that an issue is not related to the original repair, a call out fee will be charged to the client.
- No warranty work will be performed if full payment on the original job has not been received; however, the warranty period starts from the day of installation regardless of payment.
- In cases where Aladdin has not supplied the product, it will be the client’s responsibility to confer with the original supplier in the case of malfunction.

- Please do not ask our technicians to assist with any tasks that are unrelated to the repair at hand, any such requests will be charged for at an hourly labour rate.
- Our teams are strictly prohibited from performing services relating to garage doors on a private basis. Any such actions will be invoiced to the client through Aladdin and disciplinary action will be taken internally.

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