Your doors and automation needs to be serviced once a year. This door is the biggest single moving part of your house and can become dangerous if not checked out by a professional from time to time. Your door also contributes hugely to the esthetics of your home. We would gladly assist!

Timber doors need to be oiled (not varnished) once a year, at least - depending on the exposure to the sun. We recommend a product like Timber Door Care. This high quality, solvent based, deep penetrating and nourishing sealer protects raw timber against water ingress, surface degradation and contamination. It provides UV-protection and contains insecticide and fungicide.

Your door hardware can be oiled slightly - on the moving parts only. Do not put any form of lubrication inside the tracks. Make sure all fastners holding the hinges in place, are secure. Take notice of especially of the side hinges, holding the rollers which glides in the door tracks. Roll the bearing roller to see if the bearings are in good working condition.

The door springs will most likely have to be adjusted - but for this job we strongly recommend you call in an experienced door installer! These tension or torsion springs - depending on your door spring system, store huge amounts of energy, and are potentially lethal if the inexperienced person works on these. You may however apply a little oil-spray to these springs as a maintenance precaution.

The Garage door operator would usually need a little TLC too. Worm drives or screw drives require some grease. The Pro-Alpha machines can be serviced by inserting a couple of tears of aviation grease or specially formulated Brano grease. It is a good idea to wash out old grease with diesoline and a paint brush. Allow for drying before applying the new grease.

Newer operators like the Aladdin Red - a chain drive machine - will only require you lubricating the chain and it might be necessary for you to tighten the chain by adjusting the chain adjuster bolt at the front end of the rail assembly.

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